Ed Moorman
"America Under Attack" by Jeff Kildow is an excellent alternative history.
  • The plot is feasible and fast-paced. I like that. I must be an impatient reader as slow-moving stories don't hold my attention.
  • The characters grow and develop throughout the duration of the war (WW II).
  • The book has many short chapters, each with a header giving the setting. Most authors leave a line gap instead of a chapter break as they change to another of the main characters. Kildow has "America Under Attack" arranged very similar to the way W.E.B. Griffin does his books. I find this very helpful in following the storyline.
  • As an engineer, I enjoyed the discussions concerning the range of a bomber and about the characteristics of flying wing type aircraft. There was enough of this, but not too much to lose the non-technical reader.
  • As a former USAF fighter pilot, I felt the descriptions of fighter-to-fighter and fighter-to-bomber tactics were also well done. They were accurate descriptions given in layman's terms.
  • My only con is that Kildow only has one book on Amazon.