Here you are in fortress America and German Bomber threat, you the reader see to tell you that the Home front is no longer safe with the Atlantic Ocean to protect you. At this time the only aircraft to fly across the Atlantic where flying Boats, direct intercontinental flights were only an Engineering dream of the future.
The story unfolds slowly as the Germans perfect mid-air refueling for there intercontinental Bomber force will they be a success into an unprepared America, you will have to read the story to find out.

“America Under Attack” by Jeff Kildow is an excellent alternative history.

  • The plot is feasible and fast-paced. I like that. I must be an impatient reader as slow-moving stories don’t hold my attention.
  • The characters grow and develop throughout the duration of the war (WW II).
  • The book has many short chapters, each with a header giving the setting. Most authors leave a line gap instead of a chapter break as they change to another of the main characters. Kildow has “America Under Attack” arranged very similar to the way W.E.B. Griffin does his books. I find this very helpful in following the storyline.
  • As an engineer, I enjoyed the discussions concerning the range of a bomber and about the characteristics of flying wing type aircraft. There was enough of this, but not too much to lose the non-technical reader.
  • As a former USAF fighter pilot, I felt the descriptions of fighter-to-fighter and fighter-to-bomber tactics were also well done. They were accurate descriptions given in layman’s terms.
  • My only con is that Kildow only has one book on Amazon.
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