I read several books a week and devour alternative history books every chance I get. When I saw this title, I read the book and absolutely loved it. The twist that I particularly loved was the sincere and devout approach to what it is like to be a Christian as part of the story. It did not dominate the story in any way, but Joel’s struggle with his backsliding and how he confronts it fit the story perfectly. His moment reconnecting with God resonated deeply with me and I immediately went online to find another book by this author. I don’t see another one on Amazon, but I sure hope and pray he comes up with more work very soon. Count on me to pre-order anything Jeff Kildow writes that I can find here!

I have had a long interest in the possibility of Germany developing trans Atlantic bombers and have waited for a good novel covering this. This one is not good- it is excellent! The author does a wonderful job using his technical expertise in a well written, well flowing story. There are several historical twists that I did not expect, making this a very engaging book that is very hard to put down. I hope Mr. Kildow continues with more. This was a surprise treat!

If this was a movie it would be in black and white and Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed would play the lead roles… I loved it.

The characters were well developed and the story is paced well. The alternative history is accurate. And he sure knows his WWII warbirds. I am a major warbird fanatic and he had me heading to Wikipedia a couple of times.

The only gap was no mention of the Pacific theater changes. I hope that is the topic of his next book.

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