The story starts out by setting the stage for Col. Joel knight’s rivalry with the German general then shows the true “what Could have happened” had Germany developed long-range bombers. The story also has some romance following the relationship between Joel and his soon to be wife. I highly suggest this book to any reader.

Jeff Kildow’s book, America Under Attack, is an exciting romp through an alternate history of WWII. While the book is fiction, it is firmly grounded in fine historical research. Aviation buffs will enjoy the nuts and bolts, but a successful book must have characters that the reader cares about, and a goal that speaks to the reader’s passion. This is certainly the case in Kildow’s latest. The hero is believable, and the interwoven characters from Germany add a fascinating look into politics and technology in the world’s second, and hopefully last, “World War”. I highly recommend this entertaining, insightful and informative read!

I rated this book a 5 because it is very well written and interesting. It is a very believable and the characters are real. This is a good story for those who like alternative history.

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