Fourth Reich Menace

Fourth Reich Menace

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Third in the Joel Knight Menace series

Fourth Reich Menace, the third in the Joel Knight Menace series is loosely based on actual events: in 1956, France, Great Britain, and Israel actually plotted to create a war with Egypt to could gain control of the Suez Canal. Hostilities did break out, lasting a brief nine days; the media called it the Suez Canal Crisis, but it was a real war. It quickly faded away from the minds of the public under the shock of the Soviet Union’s brutal invasion and domination of Hungary.

As I mulled how to make a story out of this history, it just seemed natural to stir a few Nazis into the mix! Then, I found an interesting book titled Grey Wolf, which researched the persistent rumors Hitler survived WWII. Regardless of how you view Grey Wolf’s conclusions, I had the ingredients I needed.

Where possible, I used actual aircraft, locations, events, and persons to flesh out the fictional adventures. As in all of my novels, I’ve strived to maintain the correct technological aspects of the era I’m writing about.

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