Fourth Reich Menace

Fourth Reich Menace



Third in the Joel Knight Menace series

Dear friends and readers.
Several weeks ago, I posted that my new novel, Forth Riech Menace, would be released in time for Christmas.

It was not to be. Technology turned on us (my publisher and me), causing a fight only just won. Some of what happened was this: I write using Word. My editor and I make corrections to the text also using Word, and when it’s ready, she uploads it to a program that translates it for the printer.

Unfortunately, when she uploaded our carefully edited manuscript, the translation program corrupted it with thousands of unremovable symbols. Back to square one. I retrieved a copy of the manuscript and we started over. Edits by my publisher, her professional editor, and me later, the manuscript finally was ready to go again. It will be in the hands of the printer shortly, after which I’m to get a proof copy for one last (quick) look, then publication can actually begin.

Watch this space for the actual publication date!

Jeff Kildow

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